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I couldn't type in but one command. How do you go to the next line? Enter doesn't move to the next line.

For me it does. What operating system are you on?

Win 7, firefox browser. I can type the first command in ok, but when I press eneter it doesn't go to the next line. Do you have to use a line ender like a semicolon or something?

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No, it's just a simple tap on enter. I'm running Chrome on Windows 10 and it's working absolutely fine, strange.

Enter works for me in Chrome on win7, but when I type a space the browser scrolls down to the comments. Really cool game!

Just set the window to fullscreen mode, then the space scrolling doesn't happen, I sadly can't turn that off. Thank you though!

couldnt get the typing to work :/, i think i tried it before and it worked

You're right. That's probably because of itch. I'll simply upload it to my website and link it from the game if someone has the same problem

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Sanoke ( figured out a way to make it work. Here's a commit showing what to change (on my game, which had the same issue):

Thanks a lot, typing works now! :D